8q1sgrov at the time of this pages creation

Admiral 8q1sgrov was one of the founding members of the group Starfleet. owned by Hondarr on ROBLOX. He achieved the rank Vice Admiral (2iC) only hours after joining.


When Hondarr first created the group, 8q1sgrov was the first to join, and was pretty active considering it was only him and Hondarr. He was promoted to Fleet Admiral two hours after he joined, and was the only other member in the group for quite some time. About a week later, he noticed a sudden increase in members, and began training them and building places for Starfleet.


Admiral 8q1sgrov has created many places and helped with alot of things for the group, including three academys, five ships, and he initally helped a great deal with recruitment, and activity within the group, and caused many of the current members to get their current ranks.


As of 2014 Admiral 8q1sgrov has become inactive, as his focus has shifted to the creation of our ally group, United Earth Starfleet. He has designed more ships, and has also recreated ones already seen from the show, and achieved a high position in Canadian Starfleet.